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"Free download perler beads patterns for your crafts!"

Complete Playbox perler beads colors list

Hello everyone, here we are talking again of perler beads, funny cylinders that allow us to craft 2D and 3D figures, Creative Hobby both for adults and children!
The last time we talked about the brand Hama Beads, certainly the best known and the one that provides a colors and materials wider range.

Today we talk about Playbox brand, the Swedish company that produces various products for childrenthrough wich perler beads. As materials we have the normal range, pastel one, glitter one, mother of pearl one and neon.
As main colors have white, yellow, orange, red, light blue, blue, pink, purple, skin-colored, light green, green, light brown, brown, gray and black! So we have all the necessary shades, five in addition to the ten basic colors, those findable in mixed colors packs.

Below is a graphical representation of all the colors of the Playbox brand iron beads:

The list is updated as today 02/05/2016!
And what do you think about Playbox perler beads ? Let us know
See you soon, the Admin



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